GSM GmbH: Strategischer Innovationspartner des Fraunhofer Institut Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (Stuttgart) MUSIST - Multimedia Schnittstellen für interaktive Services Multimedia User Interfaces for Interactive Services and TV ACTS Project AC010 Domain: Advanced Communications Technologies and Services Supporting Program Short Info The main objective of this project is to study, develop and test an intelligent and comfortable user interface for interactive multimedia services for residential customers. This user interface has to be easy to use for domestic applications, should support navigation and information retrieval for the variety of multimedia services offered, should be applicable to the level 1 gateway (service broker) and to the content server of the service provider, and should support the envisaged multimedia terminals (TVs and PCs) for the domestic users. Additionally, the work has to identify the needs for appropriate standards and contribute to these standards in this area in order to support the development of open interoperable multimedia networks. In general the following key issues have to be addressed by the project: - easy-to-use and advanced user interface for residential multimedia applications - navigation and information retrieval support for multimedia end users - effective information presentation at level 1 gateway - open standards for user - multimedia service interaction - support to run multimedia applications on both, PCs and TVs - quick and easy generation of service information content - simple API for the content provider and the service broker - user interface is adaptive to user needs Innovation Partners - Alcatel SEL AG, Stuttgart, Germany - CCETT, Cesson Sevigne, France - Fraunhofer Institut IAO, Stuttgart, Germany - GSM GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany - Holistique, Puteaux, France - Italtel SIT, Settimo Milanese, Italy - Kaufhof Holding, Cologne, Germany - Loewe Opta GmbH, Kronach, Germany - Seleco Multimedia SrL., Pordenone, Italy - UI Design, Linköping, Sweden - University of Siena, Siena, Italy GSM SERVICE MANAGEMENT GmbH  |  © Copyright 2013  | Aktuelles aus unserem Unternehmen: Fraunhofer IAO Veranstaltungen mehr... GSM SERVICE MANAGEMENT GmbH Azenbergstraße 35 D-70174 Stuttgart TEL  +49 (0)7 11 - 22 76 9 - 0 FAX  +49 (0)7 11 - 22 76 9 - 19 MUSIST